champion-wellness-centersChampion Wellness Centers exist to help the people of Tampa Bay live healthier lives. With chiropractic care at our core, we encompass a general health & wellness approach to life. Our six locations around the Tampa Bay region are meant to be close to people wherever they live, work or play, so they’re easily accessible and convenient.

While there are many chiropractors to choose from these days, it’s important to realize not all chiropractors approach their work in the same way. In general, there are two major approaches to chiropractic care: the musculoskeletal approach working on symptom relief and the traditional/wellness approach, focused on eliminating subluxations while educating patients on lifestyle management issues.

The musculoskeletal approach primarily involves manipulations to the spine in order to decompress joints, free-up fixations and, most importantly, reduce or eliminate a person’s pain. In this way, the approach is about relieving symptoms of problems such as backaches, neck aches or headaches. Ultrasound, electro-stimulations, and even laser acupuncture are often utilized with this musculoskeletal approach to chiropractic care.

When the musculoskeletal approach is taken, a patient usually feels temporary relief. They’ll get work done when they have noticeable symptoms they want fixed/improved or depending on their insurance coverage. In other words, the pain might subside, but there could still be “the root of the problem” that truly requires longer, more regular care. Your problem doesn’t go away– it’s just masked enough for you to feel good for a while. For some people, this approach works well and it’s what they want.

The traditional/wellness approach involves correcting subluxations, which is a fancy word for “misaligned vertebrae.” People often get these misalignments due to physical, chemical and/or emotional stresses in their lives. These misalignments interfere with the normal pathways for your body’s nerve impulses, which brings you pain. A traditional/wellness chiropractor is primarily focused on removing any/all nerve interference in the body. With this approach, specific chiropractic adjustments are done followed by valuable advice about modifying one’s lifestyle to improve one’s health potential and ability to function.

Perhaps what makes Champion Wellness Centers (CWC) unique among Florida chiropractic offices is this– our philosophy smartly combines both the musculoskeletal and traditional/wellness approach as needed, with an emphasis on the traditional/wellness approach. Basically, the chiropractors and staff of CWC assess a person’s needs and plan their treatment(s) accordingly. Chiropractic care involves a whole host of factors, and it’s the job of the doctor to take the right approach that works for you, the patient.

So, when you’re looking for chiropractic care that best serves your wants and needs toward less pain and a healthier, happier life, choose Champion!