In order to better serve the Tampa Bay community, Dr. Carl Conforti and Dr. Mike Risoldi, local chiropractors, have united several Tampa Bay area chiropractors under one brand name: Champion Wellness Centers. The six area locations are: South Tampa, Wesley [...]

Heal Your Back With These Great Tips

Make sure your back is always well supported! You can buy a cool piece of back-saving equipment for your office known as an articulating arm. This machine holds the computer monitor and can be swung out of the way. If [...]

How to Fix Your Posture

Old “Doc” Plume, the local hardware store owner, who was known for his miraculous cures for arthritis, had a long line of “patients” waiting outside the door when a little old lady, completely bent over, shuffled in slowly, leaning on [...]

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One of the reasons for the continued rise and growth of chiropractic care in the medical field is due to the wide array of benefits that can be derived from it. Plus, many recommend this particular treatment method due to [...]

Get Rid Of That Aching Back With These Tips

TIP! You should choose a firm mattress to support you back and decrease back pain. Typically, mattresses that are too soft tend to exacerbate back pain. People who suffer from back discomfort often complain of different symptoms. Some people with [...]

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