Champion Wellness Centers brings together several Tampa Bay-area chiropractors, their support staff, and several offices in order to best meet the health and wellness needs of the people in the Greater Tampa Bay region.

When one chiropractor does good things, that’s good. When several come together, they can pool their resources– including time, money, knowledge and energy– to accomplish great things for the greater good. Such is the case with Champion Wellness Centers, which exists to help make all people feel like worthy, healthy, and strong champions.

Did you know the doctors from the various Champion locations bonded together when they went to the Olympics in Rio to support American athletes in sports like wrestling, judo, track & field and weightlifting? They were part of a team affiliated with “Maximized Living North America,” helping athletes maximize their minds, nerve supply, nutrition, and oxygen levels, among other things.

Closer to home in the Tampa Bay area, Champion Wellness Centers believes in giving back to the community in order to improve its overall health & wellness. From collecting clothing for needy children to sponsoring youth sports teams, the chiropractors and their staffs consider the people they encounter as new friends/like family. “We’re all in this thing called life together” is a good way to describe their approach toward helping others in the Tampa region.

Education is vital for a healthy society, and in this era when junk food reigns supreme, the doctors of Champion Wellness Centers wholeheartedly want to teach young people healthy habits. With that in mind, you’re likely to find out one of the chiropractors from Champion has been to your child’s school, telling them about good foods to eat, proper posture, and describing how a person’s spine works.

Champion Wellness Centers likes lending its name and efforts to raising monies for various causes. With a tender heart for sick or suffering children, the doctors do what they can to raise money and awareness as needed. At Lowry Elementary, for instance, over $10K was raised to help a little girl name Kyanna get her cancer treatments. The doctors also supported the “Lemonade for Livy” lemonade stand, where a twin sister named Hailey sought to raise funds for Lily, her sister who, at one time, dealt with over 100 seizures a day! As you can imagine, medical bills piled up quickly, so Champion Wellness Centers did what it could to help those bills get paid, to lessen the stress on that family.

When you go to your appointment at Champion Wellness Centers, chances are you’re there to relieve your own pain. Keep in mind that Champion believes in doing what it can to relieve the pain of the greater community. The doctors believe in doing well for others both inside and outside the office walls. In essence, Champion Wellness Centers wants to see more and more people living healthy, happy, successful lives in the Tampa Bay area.