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In order to better serve the Tampa Bay community, Dr. Carl Conforti and Dr. Mike Risoldi, local chiropractors, have united several Tampa Bay area chiropractors under one brand name: Champion Wellness Centers. The six area locations are: South Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Oldsmar, Clearwater, and Brandon. Conforti and Risoldi are excited to bring advanced chiropractic care to the Tampa Bay region along with: Dr. Michael Turner, Dr. Enrico Dolcecore, Dr. Bill Scheu, Dr. Todd Bodanza, Dr. Dex Alvarez, and Dr. Matt Wilson.

Champion Wellness Centers utilize the Maximized Living approach to health and wellness. This proactive approach consists of five essentials that comprise the most complete and effective way to establish real health. First, there’s maximizing the mind and changing people’s limiting beliefs. Next, the chiropractors eliminate nervous system interference, unlocking the body’s own natural potential for health, healing, and peak performance. Thirdly, patients learn the truth about proper nutrition to help them function at their best. The fourth essential involves teaching people short, highly effective workouts to increase their oxygen supply and build lean muscle. Finally, the doctors aim to minimize toxins in the body that prevent it from healing. Altogether, the Maximized Living approach helps people maximize their overall health while minimizing disease.

Last summer, some of the doctors from Champion Wellness Centers traveled to Rio to support Maximized Living’s partnership with USA Wrestling, Judo, and Track & Field. Several athletes within those athletic specialties receive treatment from Maximized Living doctors as a regular part of their elite training routine. All of the Champion Wellness doctors offer “the whole person approach” when taking care of their patients, whether they’re professional athletes or not. Individualized attention is a priority. Spinal decompression, therapeutic massage and a natural weight loss program are just some of the services Champion Wellness Centers offer. – I don’t think this sentence belongs here especially with the quote in the next paragraph relating to individual attention, I moved it down to the last paragraph.

“We want to give patients the ability to be in charge of their own health,” says Conforti and Risoldi. “We’ve expanded to six offices in the Tampa Bay area to get closer to our goal of providing true health and wellness care to our entire Tampa Bay community.”

Champion Wellness Centers’ mission is to help people attain long term health and vitality. To learn more about all of the services that Champion Wellness Centers offer, including advanced chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, and spinal decompression, or to schedule an appointment, please call 813-818-7499.